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Pneumatic Control Valve
Pneumatic Control Valve is compressed gas as the source of power, cylinder as actuator, and with the aid
of the Valve positioner, converters, solenoid Valve, Valve, gas storage, gas filters, such as attachments to
drive the Valve, realize the switch quantity or proportion type adjustment, industrial automation Control system receives the Control signal to complete conditioning pipeline medium: flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level and other process parameters.
Advantages :
1. Control is simple;
2. Quick response;
3. The intrinsically safe;
4. Don't need another explosion protection measures.
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Naibo main products: Control valve、Manual valve 、Diaphragm pump 、Gate valves 、Globe valve 、Ball valve 、Butterfly valve 、Check valve 、Balancing valve 、Regulating valve、Power station special valve etc.,Products are exported to over 20 countries and regions 。
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Naibo control valve used in cnooc bohai bay   Used in cnooc bohai bay polymer injection project   Used in cnooc bohai bay polymer injection project
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Shanghai bo resistant pump valve manufacturing co., LTD is a professional manufacturing all kinds of control valve and valve production manufacturing joint venture; Study overseas technical personnel to absorb investment set up joint-stock high-tech enterprises, is a collection of scientific research development, design consulting, production, sales in the integration...
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