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Shanghai Naibo resistant pump valve manufacturing co., LTD is a professional manufacture of various types of control valve and pump production manufacturing joint venture, we always adhere to the "customer-centric" service purposes, the continuous optimization and innovation of our products, by construction, environmental protection, fire protection, hvac, water supply and drainage, oil chemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking, electric power industries such as the user's high praise; The starting point of customer's affirmation, is resistant to bo; Resistance to bo people will with great patience and confidence, to strive and create the world's top flow of the pump valve products; Provides excellent products and to really sincere service is our resistance to the theme of eternal pursuit!
NBKVHP Type Pneumatic Single-seat Regulating Valve

        NBKVHP type pneumatic single-seat regulating valve form small, light weight, high performance, large capacity, is in line with the IEC standards of a new generation of general control valve products. It is suitable for general fluid production process control system and the process conditions. ZJHP type pneumatic single-seat regulating valve by pneumatic spring thin more actuators and low flow resistance single-seat, new type of actuator's height, light weight, easy to install school, new body structure is compact, smooth flow, with large flow coefficient. This product operation is stable and reliable motion characteristics, small seat leakage, precise flow characteristic, wide adjustable range, etc. It will be in a unique advantage in the widely used high quality control effect.


1.NBKVHP pneumatic single-seat regulating valve is the instrument automation control system of the execution unit, the electric - air valve positioner, powered by electrical and compressed air, accept control system input 0 to 10 ma DC or 4-20 ma DC current signal, the controller will be compressed air, air pressure is converted to the signal input and output, which can realize a relay control signal (section), so as to change the valve opening displacement, fluid parameters accurately adjust to control
2.NBKVHP pneumatic single-seat regulating valve according to the pattern can be divided into; The role is: gas closed - normally open (when the signal pressure valve downward displacement) and "type B" reaction: gas open - normally closed type (upward displacement when the signal pressure valve position), type "K"
3.Pneumatic single-seat regulating valve for direct single-seat casting ball valve and single plunger type valve core, particularly applicable to allow small leakage and valve before the valve pressure difference is not big in the workplace.
4.Direct low flow resistance single-seat no bottom guide structure, it is only one seat and a plunger valve core has a sealed performance is good, small, action quick, fluid leakage passage in an s-shaped streamlined, small pressure drop loss, large capacity, precise flow characteristic, adjustable valve than large, guide the guiding parts of valve core area is large, such characteristics as ant-vibration performance is strong, suitable for medium leakage and accuracy have strict requirements of occasions, but because of the reason of the valve structure, the unbalanced force on the valve stem is larger, especially in the big more obvious under the condition of nominal diameter, so the valve is only suitable for smaller work pressure difference.
5.By changing the valve core in the shape of design; Different shape of valve core will get different flow characteristic, such as percentage (log), linearity, quick opening characteristics.
6.According to the working condition requirements, the valve core to design into an; Soft seal structure (applicable to - 20 ~ + 120 ℃ temperature range requires strict closure of acid and alkali medium, gas, etc).
This series products are widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, power stations, textile, paper and pharmaceutical and other industrial production process automation and remote control adjustment. Have a standard, adjust cut type, bellows seal type, such as jacket insulation type varieties. Products classes have PN1.6 4.0 6.4 Mpa; Nominal diameter DN15 ~ 300 mm; Minimum DN6mm valve core. Apply fluid temperature to 60 ~ + 450 ℃; According to the temperature with different cover type can be divided into the normal temperature, high temperature and low temperature type.

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