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Shanghai Naibo resistant pump valve manufacturing co., LTD is a professional manufacture of various types of control valve and pump production manufacturing joint venture, we always adhere to the "customer-centric" service purposes, the continuous optimization and innovation of our products, by construction, environmental protection, fire protection, hvac, water supply and drainage, oil chemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking, electric power industries such as the user's high praise; The starting point of customer's affirmation, is resistant to bo; Resistance to bo people will with great patience and confidence, to strive and create the world's top flow of the pump valve products; Provides excellent products and to really sincere service is our resistance to the theme of eternal pursuit!
NB Air operated plunger pump



    The pump uses reciprocating plunger to make fluid flow.lt can produce higher fluid pressure to cany a higher viscosity fluid, and can be applied to arduous work and bad working conditions, suitable for all kinds of fluid conveying, circulation and extrusion process.According to the check valve quantity and shape , it can be divided into double-ball cylinder pump.besides, in accordance with the applicable fluid viscosity range and can be divided into low viscosity, viscosity and high viscosity plunger pump.

Characteristics of FR Plunger pump

1.Dealt with a 20000 centipoise fluid viscosity.
2.Various motors can be matched with the pumps of different materials,to meet different flow range and pressure range Body material is 304(316),seal materials are teflon and high molecular polymer. Adjust pump outlet flow by controlling compressed air flow or valve flow. Automatically stop when the pump outlet obstruction or dosing,avoiding the waste.
3.Using high quality pneumatic motor, long4erm forced tight gap seal and new type of mechanism design, can prolong the Iife of pump, reduce fault occurs, improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs,etc. It has a strong self-priming ability.
4.Corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant and explosion-proof.
Applications including petrochemical, printing, paint, textile, chemical industry, food, etc.
5.Working principle of RV Plunger pump
RV pneumatic plunger pump is a kind of reciprocating pump, belongs to volume pump.Plunger drive by the pump shaft, reciprocating motion, the suction and discharge valve are both check valves. Pull the plunger,the working chamber pressure is reduced, the outlet valve ball close, below inlet pressure, inlet valve ball opens, liquid into.On the contrary,liquid out.Pneumatic plunger pump is the most widely used axial plunger pump currently.the plunger drives by the shaft,and the shaft pull out or push back the plunger to finish oil absorption or discharge process.

Technicak parameter and performance indicators

max.working?pressure 100psi(0.8Mpa,8bar)
max.flow?rate 18gpm(68/lpm)
max.suction?height 5m
max.permitted?grain 2.5mm
fluid?outlet?size? 3/4in[npt(f)/bsp(f)
fluid?inlet?size? 1-1/2in[npt(f)/bsp(f)
max.air?consumption 28scfm(0.672m3/min)
air?inlet?size 1/4in.npt(f)/bsp(f)
connection?type (GB)
body?materia 304、316
conveying?fluid?ratio? 1.25:1
In the material…
In the material…
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